CoolectUS make your company or landmark memorable with our Vending Machines and personalized collectibles to sell them to your clients.

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About Us


Our company has more than 10 years of experience and our Vending Machines are installed in the main landmarks of Brazil.

CoolectUS is a company that produces and installs custom Vending Machines to sell souvenir medallions with your brand or special theme to promote your business and enhance the value of your brand while increasing your profits.

We build vending machines, design different types of souvenirs, install on your landmark, manage the process and share the revenue with your company.

CoolectUS create a precious moment between your company and customers, making them remember your attraction for ever.

Our Vending Machines


Our Vending Machines are handmade and customized for your establishment.

CoolectUS create a beautiful medallion, design the iluminated acrylic, background and holders, the medallion and the park administration has total control over the images, logos, and names used.

There’s NO COST to install our Vending Machines on your establishment, and our team will take care of all operations involving the handling, transportation, maintenance, and replacement of the products.

With an average of $1,000 monthly earnings and no investment required, CoolectUS Vending Machines are the perfect option for amusement parks, attractions and landmarks.


Different Colours

You can set one or random light colours to the top of your new Vending Machine.


Customized Acrylic

CoolectUs can create a beautiful design to be iluminated and promote your Vending Machine.


Customized Holders

We can create diferrent kind of holders to adapt our Vending Machines to your theme or establishment.


Digital Panel

You can set a personalized message in our Digital Panel.



Your customers can see all avaliable medallions.



It's always a surprise when your customer buy a CoolectUS medallion.


Money Accepted

Your customers can buy our medallions using bills or coins.



We can create a beautifull background customized with your brand or theme.



Our Vending Machines have Handle, Speakers and Infrared Sensor.

Why US?



Brand Equity

Your customers will always remember the wonderfull moments at your establishment and see your brand at the medallions.



CoolectUS create your Vending Machine and medallions and shares the revenue increasing your profits.



Our Vending Machines are customizable, economic, and easy to manage or being used by your customers.

Our Collectibles

Collect memories

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